Dot is a member of the Wrinklies, and cat-burglaring is her speciality.

History Edit

Dot is known to have worked in the circus as a well-known acrobat, 'The Human Fly'. She has mentioned that she travelled all over the world, performing in different circus as 'The Human Fly'. She somehow came in alliance with Bridget, Florrie, Huggy, Max and Banger and formed a gang later known as the Wrinklies. They robbed banks, rich houses and warehouses to raise money for different charities such as children homes.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Dot often wears a bob hat, different colours with different patterns such as a green frog. She always wears trainers for easy running and easy to do her normal stunts, always wears tights and a differents colours of skirts.

She has a happy personality but sometimes can be moody when she doesnt get her own way. She often argues with Huggy over silly things such as if he ment saying sorry to Bridget.