Lil is the main villian on the series. She was formerly Harry's nanny and was also formerly Harry's teacher. She is now the judge in Middleswick, as she took over from her fiancee, Percy Priestly.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Lil always trys to look her best, wear fur coats and high healed shoes, different colours and different patterns, but they have 1 thing in common, the are all expensive. During Series 1 & 2, Lil had her hair short with a red tint to it, but in Series 3, her hair was long and she always kept it in a bun.

Lil is a horrible person, she is only happy when she gets her own way. She would kill to get her hands on stolen goods, do anythings to make money out of people. Lil is often cruel to Harry, Katie and Piggy, who she often calls them cruel names such as 'Wazzocks'.

Family Edit

Katie McScrew...........Katie is Lil's neice, who she oftens uses to spy on the Wrinklies even though she is friends with Harry

Percy Priestly.............Percy is Lil's fiancee, who oftens she leads even though he is the leader of the Priestlys.

Piggy Priestly.............Piggy is Lil's Brother-In-Law, also Percy's Brother, she hates Piggy as he messes up scams.

Un-named Mother......Lil has an un-named Mother who she often mentions, Lil says she was just as evil as herslef.